October 5th 2013

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Boy its been a while.

Today would have been my Mother’s 81st birthday.  A few weeks ago it would have been my Dad’s 81st birthday.

Amazingly and sadly they have three grandchildren they will never meet.  The likelihood of some of my wonderful children seeing the dawn of 2100 is compelling.

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I were going to have more children I would have given you a funny look.

7 chicklets ranging in age from 27 to age 3.  And every one of them is a unique, kind, loving, intelligent, sentient kindred spirit.

In this age being a ‘kid’ isn’t easy; being a young adult isn’t easy, and being a marginally good parent isn’t the easiest of tasks.

Maybe it should be easier, but in looking around society – it isn’t.

My late father told me more than once that he ‘loved his five children equally according to their needs.’  That is some profound wisdom.

Throughout any fog or noise I may experience in my daily journey  nothing can touch the joy of parenting.

Mom and Dad we all miss you and love you.

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Lighting a candle for baby loss awareness week

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I can’t think of anything much worse then losing a baby during late term or at birth.  The reality is that in the Uk we lose 6500 babies very year.  That is 17 babies each day across Britain.

The Baby Loss Awareness organisation coordinates the International Wave of Light remembrance each year where parents and families can light a candle on 15 October between 7-8pm in honour of the child that has been lost.

This month in 2008 we lost one of our twins.  We named him Aaron Roark.  We buried him under the shade of a sprawling yew tree overlooking the harbour.  Aaron’s twin sister Yasmine will be 4 on her next birthday.

I’m getting emotionally choked up as I write this.

When I look into Yasmine’s eyes I am always reminded of her brother Aaron.

I don’t think any parent or family ever ‘get over’ the loss of a baby or young child.  You get to a point where the emotional pain can be managed, yet it never goes away.  At least in mine and my wife’s experience.

We still regularly visit his grave.  And Yasmine and Mummy say Good Morning to Aaron together each day.

While I’m no professed expert on pain, I think with a great wife and 7 children I’m an aspiring expert on the subject of love.

Do we love a child we only held for a moment, any less than a toddler?  I don’t think there is significant difference between the degree of love that a parent experiences.

We published Aaron’s Star, an illustrated and compelling story of love, and hope in 2010.  It was my answer to my wife, the mother of Aaron and Yasmine.  This story continues to touch hearts today around the world.  If you can make it through the short story without a hanky and reflection, you are a better man than me.

If you know people that have experienced this very sensitive issue of loss, please let them know about Aaron’s Star and they can make their own mind up as to whether or not it helps them deal with their loss.

Together let’s you and I try to spread a bit of love in a world that is kind of turned upside down right now.  When we remove the masks we wear, the only real thing that matters is the love we give and receive.  It can change our home and it will change our world.

In the meanwhile as our paths cross in the A-Field, here is a picture of Aaron’s sister Yasmine Miracle.


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Baby Loss Awareness Week

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Baby Loss Awareness Week is happening this week,  9 – 15 October 2012, leading up to Baby and Infant Loss Remembrance Day – International Wave of Light – on Monday, 15 October, when families light candles in remembrance of babies and children they have lost.

Roark wrote Aaron’s Star for his wife on the loss of one of their twins mid-term, to help deal with the loss and bring some comfort in their time of grief.  Everyone cannot help but be moved by Aaron’s Star, with its emotional sensitive prose.  Have a look at Aaron’s Star on Cloudninebooks’ website.



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Baby Loss Awareness Week

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The book, Aaron’s Star, a source of comfort for bereaved parents in light of the Baby Loss Awareness Wave of light – Monday 15th October at 7pm (www.babyloss-awareness.org). At www.cloudninebooks.com we have a short illustrated book for parents and families who have experience the loss of a child. Written from the heart by a father who lost a twin during his wife’s pregnancy.

Aaron’s Star has helped many bereaved families in what is a sensitive and difficult time. The book, which can be dedicated to the lost child, is available from www.cloudninebooks.com at £9.99.

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Ben and the Butterfly People,….of Joplin Missouri

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I would personally and publicly like to thank the very talented professionals that helped to produce Ben and the Butterfly People, an illustrated story book that is a tribute to the people of Joplin, Missouri.

Gordon, from England
Vladividal, from Bulgaria
Raj, from Singapore
Yogi & Crew, from India
Grazyna, from Poland
and Soundmaster Luke, from England

Guys, I hope we are able to touch a few hearts and lives with the Ebook, Audio book, and softcover story book we have lovingly brought to life for the kind folks of Joplin, Missouri.

Thank-you for the piece of your heart you have put into Ben and the Butterfly People.



The Butterfly People of Joplin Missouri

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A year ago this month Joplin, Missouri experienced a huge destructive tornado. It was the second worst tornado in the history of the United States.

If you visit here you can read first hand what many reported as the Butterfly People of Joplin Missouri coming to the rescue of several young children that faced imminent death.

The colorful Butterfly has come to symbolize hope and strength for the city of Joplin as they rebuild much of their city.

Ben and the Butterfly People, of Joplin Missouri is an illustrated story that serves to mark and commemorate the tragic day of 22 May 2011 that took 161 lives and leveled over 7000 homes and buildings.

Ben and the Butterfly People, ..of Joplin, Missouri came to life as an idea from my sister in law over the supper table in St. Charles, Missouri. My brother shared the idea with me in Hampshire, England, and in less than 2 weeks we had the makings of the story.

The story is inspired by a true life event, and is written by me, and Gordon Volke (a veteran children’s author). The wonderful Vladividal illustrated this touching story. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page. The production team for Ben and the Butterfly people consisted of professionals from 5 countries. It is amazing how much of our hearts needs to go into each story book we produce.

This week I am sending a hand crafted, and hand painted commemoration treasure chest to the Mayors office of Joplin, Missouri for the city museum.

The Butterfly people of Joplin, Missouri have touched the hearts of people from all over the globe.

We are pleased and humbled to offer an audio book, Ebook, and softcover book titled ‘Ben and the Butterfly People’.

Our story book is dedicated to the Spirit of the ‘Show Me’ State.

For more info please visit our website (or to view pictures of the Butterfly People commemoration treasure chest).

Ben and the Butterfly People....of Joplin Missouri


The Butterfly People of Joplin Missouri

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22 May 2011, the Butterfly People came to the aid of Joplin, Missouri.

A F5 multiple vortex tornado, the second worst in the history of the United States, ripped through Joplin, Missouri.

In its wake it left 161 people dead and over 7000 homes and businesses in ruin.

Many stories surfaced about young children reporting that during the tornado, angelic Butterfly People came to their aid and saved them from imminent death.

The Story of the Butterfly People of Joplin, Missouri has touched hearts, and continues to touch hearts from all over the globe.

A lady living on the other side of the state to Joplin, in St. Charles, Missouri, suggested to her husband over the supper table that a story book tribute to mark and commemorate the event for the people of Joplin could be a great idea. Her husband shared the idea with his brother, a publsher in England.

From the supper table in St. Charles to the breakfast table in Hampshire, England, the idea of a fitting storybook tribute began to take form.

Ben and the Butterfly People is an illustrated story that descibes what the event could have been like for an 8 year old boy named Ben.

The story is dedicate dto the Spirit of the Show Me state.

15 May 2012 –

Ben and the Butterfly People illustrated Ebook, and Audio version of the story are being released next week at http://www.cloudninebooks.com, and customers may pre-order the softcover version of the story book.

The book is co-written by Roark McMaster and Gordon Volke, and illustrated by Vladividal. For sales of the book direct rom the http://www.cloudninebooks.com website, 25% of sale proceeds are being donated to ongoing relief efforts in Joplin, Missouri.

You can find out more about the story here: Facebook.

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Long lasting antimicrobial protection for homes, offices, restaurants, gyms and so on

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According to many scientific experts the 6th mass extinction is underway. Where 3/4 of life on earth disappears. Pretty scary stuff. One scientist has stated that ‘it’s the lowest forms of life trying to eradicate the highest forms of life.’

I don’t know much about the history of the world, but I do know a great deal about eradicating microbes.

My 3 year old picked up a virus from her play group and it caused nasty bumps all over her body and took months to get rid of. How many toys, play areas, play mats, lavatories, in her playgroup setting would benefit from long lasting antimicrobial protection? All areas would benefit from antimicrobial protection.

I have been conducting swab tests in homes, hotels, and businesses for months educating people as to just how clean their surfaces are.

I have seen jaws drop from Glasgow to Portsmouth and alot of places in between.

When people become aware of the biological load density- of living organisms on the surfaces they use and touch everyday- it is useful and compelling.

Example- a swab reading of 30 is food grade clean. On a bar countertop in a swanky hotel I picked up a reading of 3200. Ladies and Gents- this is not a good reading on a public countertop. This was a very yucky reading telling me there was an astronomical amount of living organisms on this surface.

We deploy BioSweep Surface Defense where we infuse our antimicrobial with a surface and the surface assumes antimicrobial properties. It is fascinating technology. www.biosweep.co.uk.

If you have concerns over microbes taking over your surfaces, kitchen countertops, vehicles, lavatories, and so on, please give us a call to see how we can help. 01243 697359.



Just how do I get rid of smells from cigarette smoking in my house?

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Well, personally I would never smoke indoors in the first place.

Yet many of us have seen the stained walls and furnishings in houses of smokers. We’ve all smelled the lingering smells that short and long term smoking leave behind.

While a good scrub is helpful in trying to eradicate house smoke smells; scrubbing alone isn’t enough.

The molecules from the smoke or residual smoke are what we actually smell, and these can get trapped in the tar released by cigarettes, as well as infuse with furnishings.

These molecules travel through the cilia in our noses, and meet olfactory nueron receptors. The receptors travel along the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb – and this is what communicates with our brains and tells us – just how something smells. We can all distinguish about 10,000 odours.

Molecules from smoke or residual smoke can really make a house or dwelling smell foul.

I would recommend high performance air and surface decontamination for the total eradication of malodours from smoking.

My experience is that of both smoking, and also specialising in high performance air and surface decontamination to get rid of any kind of malodour.

We use BioSweep, a 5 stage process which uses photo catalytic oxidation to remove and eradicate malodours, bacteria, viruses, pathogens, voc’s, mould and fungi. www.biosweep.co.uk

The results we achieve in actually removing all kinds of yuck from indoor air and surfaces- is uncanny- and something we are proud of.

So if you have malodours and stink from cigarette smoke in your house, dwelling, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, offices, or any other indoor space- we can improve the air quality. We can do so safely, in an enviromentally friendly manner, and it can be done quickly.

www.biosweep.co.uk 01243 697359 based in Hampshire UK.

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Overcoming Adversity – TALK – April 8th 2012 Roark McMaster

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