October 5th 2013

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Boy its been a while.

Today would have been my Mother’s 81st birthday.  A few weeks ago it would have been my Dad’s 81st birthday.

Amazingly and sadly they have three grandchildren they will never meet.  The likelihood of some of my wonderful children seeing the dawn of 2100 is compelling.

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I were going to have more children I would have given you a funny look.

7 chicklets ranging in age from 27 to age 3.  And every one of them is a unique, kind, loving, intelligent, sentient kindred spirit.

In this age being a ‘kid’ isn’t easy; being a young adult isn’t easy, and being a marginally good parent isn’t the easiest of tasks.

Maybe it should be easier, but in looking around society – it isn’t.

My late father told me more than once that he ‘loved his five children equally according to their needs.’  That is some profound wisdom.

Throughout any fog or noise I may experience in my daily journey  nothing can touch the joy of parenting.

Mom and Dad we all miss you and love you.

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Long lasting antimicrobial protection for homes, offices, restaurants, gyms and so on

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According to many scientific experts the 6th mass extinction is underway. Where 3/4 of life on earth disappears. Pretty scary stuff. One scientist has stated that ‘it’s the lowest forms of life trying to eradicate the highest forms of life.’

I don’t know much about the history of the world, but I do know a great deal about eradicating microbes.

My 3 year old picked up a virus from her play group and it caused nasty bumps all over her body and took months to get rid of. How many toys, play areas, play mats, lavatories, in her playgroup setting would benefit from long lasting antimicrobial protection? All areas would benefit from antimicrobial protection.

I have been conducting swab tests in homes, hotels, and businesses for months educating people as to just how clean their surfaces are.

I have seen jaws drop from Glasgow to Portsmouth and alot of places in between.

When people become aware of the biological load density- of living organisms on the surfaces they use and touch everyday- it is useful and compelling.

Example- a swab reading of 30 is food grade clean. On a bar countertop in a swanky hotel I picked up a reading of 3200. Ladies and Gents- this is not a good reading on a public countertop. This was a very yucky reading telling me there was an astronomical amount of living organisms on this surface.

We deploy BioSweep Surface Defense where we infuse our antimicrobial with a surface and the surface assumes antimicrobial properties. It is fascinating technology. www.biosweep.co.uk.

If you have concerns over microbes taking over your surfaces, kitchen countertops, vehicles, lavatories, and so on, please give us a call to see how we can help. 01243 697359.



Just how do I get rid of smells from cigarette smoking in my house?

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Well, personally I would never smoke indoors in the first place.

Yet many of us have seen the stained walls and furnishings in houses of smokers. We’ve all smelled the lingering smells that short and long term smoking leave behind.

While a good scrub is helpful in trying to eradicate house smoke smells; scrubbing alone isn’t enough.

The molecules from the smoke or residual smoke are what we actually smell, and these can get trapped in the tar released by cigarettes, as well as infuse with furnishings.

These molecules travel through the cilia in our noses, and meet olfactory nueron receptors. The receptors travel along the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb – and this is what communicates with our brains and tells us – just how something smells. We can all distinguish about 10,000 odours.

Molecules from smoke or residual smoke can really make a house or dwelling smell foul.

I would recommend high performance air and surface decontamination for the total eradication of malodours from smoking.

My experience is that of both smoking, and also specialising in high performance air and surface decontamination to get rid of any kind of malodour.

We use BioSweep, a 5 stage process which uses photo catalytic oxidation to remove and eradicate malodours, bacteria, viruses, pathogens, voc’s, mould and fungi. www.biosweep.co.uk

The results we achieve in actually removing all kinds of yuck from indoor air and surfaces- is uncanny- and something we are proud of.

So if you have malodours and stink from cigarette smoke in your house, dwelling, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, offices, or any other indoor space- we can improve the air quality. We can do so safely, in an enviromentally friendly manner, and it can be done quickly.

www.biosweep.co.uk 01243 697359 based in Hampshire UK.

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Hand Salute -

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Life is like a Rodeo – the trick is to ride……and make it to the fair.

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What is a good way to say Thanks, or

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…when is it right to say Thank-you?

This switched on gent from Malta, Phil Richards, has a great article about saying Thank-you.

How to do it, and when to do it.

Check it out HERE.

Who is it in your day to day activities that could use a genuine word of thanks? Go on Try IT.

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While we’re at it- Murphy the Gnome

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Murphy and the Magic Passport had a successful pilot run in December 2009.


It also will be available August 2010, from booksellers, Amazon, and other online resources.

Murphy and the Magic Passport is book one within a series of 6 Murphy the Gnome storybooks.

Murphy the Gnome and his pal Yazzy Bear get up to all sorts of fun, mischief, and adventure.

Here is a sneak preview of one of our Murphy and Yazzy Bear posters coming your way soon —


Murphy the Gnome and his pal Yazzy Bear, coming very, very soon.

August 2010

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‘Aaron’s Star’ – August 2010

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Well we’re coming up to one month later than expected, yet ‘Aaron’s Star’ will be available August 2010.

It will be available to booksellers in the USA and UK for their customers, online at our website, and at Amazon and a few others online.

Whew. I went back to my early emails on this project and my heavens it has been almost 7 months in the making.

Aaron’s Star is designed to offer some comfort to those people and parents that have lost a child during term, neo-natal care, or early life.

Here is a sneak preview of ‘a’ page–

Aaron's Star

I’d like to thank Carolyn for literally living through the story with me in more ways than one. Thank-you.

I’d also like to thank Deepali for her glorious, moving, and touching illustrations. She has done a superb job- and Deepali if you read this – Thank-you for putting some ‘good’ life energy and alot of heart into Aaron’s Star.

Where does it go from here? Let’s see. There is a plan mind you.

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Dream worth fighting for?

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Never compromise a dream,

Always compromise on how it will come true.

Knocking on every door,

The Universe


An Irish Blessing for my Mother

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Mom ~

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and the rain fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

5 October 1932 – 18 March 2010


Chasing a Rabbit?

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I subscribe to a useful time and goal management program.

Yesterday I received an email from these folks, and it was quite a short story.

A Zen Master and his student were watching a
fox chase a rabbit.

The Zen Master said, “who will win?”

The student replied, “Master, of course the fox
will win, he is much faster than the rabbit and has
sharp teeth.”

“No” replied the master. “The rabbit will win.

The fox is running for a meal. The rabbit is running
for his life.”

What are we doing?

Are we running for a meal, or running for our life?

Success isn’t defined by your bank account or the car you drive, but rather by the obstacles you have overcome to arrive where you currently find yourself.

Show me a person with no obstacles to overcome and I will show you a dead person.

With wealth comes responsibility and stewardship. The challenges of life and commerce grow proportionately to ‘where you are’.

So back to the rabbit.

I imagine it is true that to move through obstacles requires momentum. It means we are moving. It means we are doing.

It’s kind of hard to deal with lifes challenges while flicking the remote control or re-setting the games console.

Taking time to periodically reflect is time well spent. Time spent taking little baby steps forward each day is time well invested in your success.

Taking baby steps each day adds up to progress and big steps forward.

Run like the rabbit.

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