Time….precious time

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Most folks can burn hours surfing the net – and it ends up feeling like minutes. Then you think – oh wow – where did the last three hours disappear to.

Time is precious. No where is this more evident then here. PostPals.

So please have a visit, and I hope you find a few precious minutes to put pen to paper and bring a smile to an ill child’s face.

We’re all part of the same family.

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Passion Fruit -

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What is it that you are truly passionate about?

I’ve heard lots of webinars and video clips extolling to others that we should all follow our passions.

I think there is merit in what many of these folks have to share.

If you or I can’t muster some life and enthusiasm for that which we do daily- then maybe we should choose another vocation.

The corporate lethargy and largesse I experience regularly is pretty frightening. To see people at all levels of organisations wasting their days at jobs they don’t enjoy, working with people they don’t like or appreciate, and doing it for bosses and shareholders that will rarely when pushed display a morsel or empathy or collective resolve.

If we cut through the bullshit- most (not all) people at ALL levels of organisations are primarily concerned with retaining gainful employment- their jobs. What a genuine waste of intellect and talent for the sake of a paycheque?

I spent two decades working with some excpetional teams at changing and improving what we termed as corporate culture. And pardon me, but we were good at it. We succeeded because our hearts were in it albeit we all went through pain barriers.

I’m passionate about using commerce to lift people out of mediocrity and out of lack. I am also passionate about teaching others how to ‘fish’ for their daily bread, so they in turn can propogate a similar caring ethos of ‘good growth’ that transcends the CZ bubble most people live within. I also recognise that during each of our individual journeys we may need some temporary support from the chuckwagon of life, and a regional food bank for those in genuine need is also on my to do list.

The stuff that fails to make my life blood sing with life force energy- is rapidly making its way to the ‘deep six’ filing tray. Thankfully much of the work on my daily docket makes a difference slight as it may be to others ability to enjoy and participate in their own life experience.

I was a strike out king batter in baseball. But by God when I connected my bat with the ball, hot damn it went flying. The trick I had to learn was to keep my eye on the ball.

In basketball (my favourite sport), I always found myself playing around the key rather than driving into the key. As a grown man I learned to work into the key toward the basket. When I started doing this I was a whole new ball player. I was taking the game to the defense rather then them bringing the game to me. It was liberating and empowering. Anyone including me can shoot 3 pointers all day long. It takes a real competitor to take the game to the boards.

So I step to the plate again tomorrow swinging and aiming for the fence. I sharpen my lay-ups as well as my foul shots so I can do both under pressure when it counts. I have more failures to my credit than you can shake a stick at and more than I would ever care to admit to.

Yet man oh man it is because of my laundry list of failures that my list of successes gains momentum and clarity in every waking moment.

Show me someone who hasn’t failed, and I will show you someone who has not sought worthwhile achievement.

Master the art of placing your head into the mouth of the lion.

Harvest the Passion Fruit of your soul. The stuff that counts.


Murphy the Gnome meets the BBC

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Murphy is coming to life as the main character in a series of children’s stories.

Murphy had an interview with the BBC a few days ago Murphy the Gnome .

It was good fun. It has been a real pleasure and priviledge leading this project for the past year. Kingsham Press now takes the reigns for managing production and book distribution, and I can focus on Murphy merchandise and overseas development.

Book one titled ‘Murphy and the Magic Passport’ will be available in print in a couple weeks time from Kingsham Press Ltd. There are 24 books planned across 3 series.

He is a lively character and mischievous. He has lots of new friends to experience his new adventures taking him around the world.

(Humphrey the Caterpillar is one of my favourites). Yazzy Bear is lovely huggly and cuddly too.

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Pins and Needles – An Introduction

Posted by admin on Jul 18, 2009 in Stuff

Pins and needles is also known as paraesthesia. It is a burning, prickling or tingling sensation, and it is most usually found in the arms or legs – the extremities.

A friend of mine has bad pins and needles, numbness, and discoloured toes.

That is until he started using Aerowalkers. Within days of using Aerowalkers, his toes were back to a pink colour and he had full feeling in his toes, after years of tingling and pins and needles.

He is a big man, and a type II diabetic, yet is loosing weight through diet, discipline, and regularly using his Aerowalkers to keep his toes pink and to keep Pins and Needles at bay.

There is a video at the Aerowalkers site that shares his words on the effect that Aerowalker have had in reducing and minimising the pins and needles effect that he has suffered with for years.

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Flight Socks vs. Aerowalkers

Posted by admin on Jul 18, 2009 in Stuff

Compression hosiery or flight socks for minimising the risk of deep vein thrombosis is a very good solution. They apply pressure and stimulate the lower leg. I’ve used flight socks so I know they are good. I’ve also used Aerowalkers to loosen up my flexion muscles after 5 years of sitting at a PC. Aerowalkers ae helping to increase my stride.

A relative used to wear flight socks everyday at home and at work. In terms of reducing the risk of suffering from DVT – flight socks are very good.

It just so happens that when it comes to minimising the risk of DVT or deep vein thrombosis that Aeroewalkers actually pulsates on the pump vein within the long arch of your foot and flight socks don’t actually do this.

So given the choice of flight socks or Aerowalkers for use during flight- I would opt for using Aerowalkers every time.

You can find other information on DVT and Aerowalkers here.

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How can I get rid of Pins and Needles?

Posted by admin on Jul 16, 2009 in Stuff

A large segment of the population suffer from lower limb or circulatory problems.

The number of people that suffer from numbness, discoloured toes, and pins and needles associated with type II diabetes is significant.

Aerowalkers is a low tech product with high value results and benefits. Aerowalkers.

How do Aerowalkers work for pins and needles, numbness, poor circulation, helping improve range of movement issues in arthitics, and aiding with the healing process of lower limb problems?

There is a tiny squiggly vein called the pump vein, with the long arch instep of our feet. By using a novel way of controlling air flow, Aerowalkers is able to gently put pressure on the pump vein in a pulsing motion. As you rock your feet back and forth, it pushes air into the active strap. This air pressure in the Aerowalkers active strap- applies pressure to the pump vein- like a gentle massage.

This helps to disperse fluids, and ultimately helps to get blood back to the heart to be reoxygenated.

Aerowalkers may be a simple self prescribed foot exerciser- but the benefits are becoming clearer to the thousands of people that currently use their Aerowalkers to improve, maintain, and sustain vitality and improved mobility.

Mobility has a direct bearing on a person’s quality of life, and this is what Aerowalkers is all about- Improving quality of life, by improving mobility.

If you know someone with lower limb health problems- please let them know about Aerowalkers as it may make a marked difference in their day to day activities and quality of life.

Aerowalkers – reduce pins and needles effect, aid good circulation, limber up arthritic joints, tone the lower legs, minimise the risk of DVT- and importantly gain some comfort and relief.


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8 British Veterans Return Home

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People lined the roads from Wooten Bassett to Oxford to honour these fallen soldiers and the ultimate sacrifice they each made.

This is worthy of reflection.


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Finishing the race –

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Mexico 1968. The Olympic games. John Akhwari from Tanzania was a marathon runner. During the race he fell badly cutting his knee and dislocating the joint. He finished last among 74 competitors, hours after the race had been won.

When asked why he continued to run when there was no chance of winning the race, he replied, “My country did not send me 5000 miles to start the race. They sent me 5000 miles to finish the race.”

This is courageous. Perhaps there is a lesson on life we can extract from John’s example.

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Leading a horse to water…..

Posted by admin on Jun 15, 2009 in Stuff

I had the opportunity over the past month to spend time with a chap that has alot of ‘issues’.

In his view they are insurmountable and this is the message he reaffirms to himself throughout the day as the gremlins swim between his ears.

What did I do to attract this chap into my life? I think I needed to see a reflection of some of my own shortcomings. Maybe?

This chap would revisit about every two hours the difficulty he was experiencing financially and emotionally. It was very sad and it was definitely draining to hear him whining on.

Whining on a little bit is fine providing you are trying to engage your backbone and brain (and heart) in solving the issues you face.

I talked and listened to the chap at great length, shared 3-4 books, any one of which could help him regain focus and strength, and tried to get the guy to take a first step in his own recovery plan.

He wouldn’t have it. My words fell on deaf ears.

It’s sad really, as I think each problem we have to face is oft times by design, and rarely it is a problem we can’t solve, albeit with a sub-optimum solution.

Enough was enough. I couldn’t invest time, energy, and effort in someone who was unwilling to help themselves. He was sucking too much life out of me. Did I give up on the guy? I think he quit on himself long before he turned up on my doorstep.

I imagine it is like the 98% of those people that read self- help materials and never do anything with what they read or ‘learn’.

There is no bucket of cow dung so deep that we cannot work our way to the top and smell fresh air and see daylight.

Yet a person must be willing to take that first step of recovery in the form of mental and physical action to change their current predicament.

No one can take the first step for another person, all we can do is encourage them.

You or I can lead a horse to water, but we can’t make him or her drink.

What a party trick.

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Ervin Laszlo at the Parliament of the World’s Religions

Posted by admin on Jun 14, 2009 in Stuff

Food for thought- How do we confront the challenges facing us now as a civilisation?

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