Flight Socks vs. Aerowalkers

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Compression hosiery or flight socks for minimising the risk of deep vein thrombosis is a very good solution. They apply pressure and stimulate the lower leg. I’ve used flight socks so I know they are good. I’ve also used Aerowalkers to loosen up my flexion muscles after 5 years of sitting at a PC. Aerowalkers ae helping to increase my stride.

A relative used to wear flight socks everyday at home and at work. In terms of reducing the risk of suffering from DVT – flight socks are very good.

It just so happens that when it comes to minimising the risk of DVT or deep vein thrombosis that Aeroewalkers actually pulsates on the pump vein within the long arch of your foot and flight socks don’t actually do this.

So given the choice of flight socks or Aerowalkers for use during flight- I would opt for using Aerowalkers every time.

You can find other information on DVT and Aerowalkers here.

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