The Butterfly People of Joplin Missouri

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A year ago this month Joplin, Missouri experienced a huge destructive tornado. It was the second worst tornado in the history of the United States.

If you visit here you can read first hand what many reported as the Butterfly People of Joplin Missouri coming to the rescue of several young children that faced imminent death.

The colorful Butterfly has come to symbolize hope and strength for the city of Joplin as they rebuild much of their city.

Ben and the Butterfly People, of Joplin Missouri is an illustrated story that serves to mark and commemorate the tragic day of 22 May 2011 that took 161 lives and leveled over 7000 homes and buildings.

Ben and the Butterfly People, ..of Joplin, Missouri came to life as an idea from my sister in law over the supper table in St. Charles, Missouri. My brother shared the idea with me in Hampshire, England, and in less than 2 weeks we had the makings of the story.

The story is inspired by a true life event, and is written by me, and Gordon Volke (a veteran children’s author). The wonderful Vladividal illustrated this touching story. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page. The production team for Ben and the Butterfly people consisted of professionals from 5 countries. It is amazing how much of our hearts needs to go into each story book we produce.

This week I am sending a hand crafted, and hand painted commemoration treasure chest to the Mayors office of Joplin, Missouri for the city museum.

The Butterfly people of Joplin, Missouri have touched the hearts of people from all over the globe.

We are pleased and humbled to offer an audio book, Ebook, and softcover book titled ‘Ben and the Butterfly People’.

Our story book is dedicated to the Spirit of the ‘Show Me’ State.

For more info please visit our website (or to view pictures of the Butterfly People commemoration treasure chest).

Ben and the Butterfly People....of Joplin Missouri


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