Long lasting antimicrobial protection for homes, offices, restaurants, gyms and so on

According to many scientific experts the 6th mass extinction is underway. Where 3/4 of life on earth disappears. Pretty scary stuff. One scientist has stated that ‘it’s the lowest forms of life trying to eradicate the highest forms of life.’

I don’t know much about the history of the world, but I do know a great deal about eradicating microbes.

My 3 year old picked up a virus from her play group and it caused nasty bumps all over her body and took months to get rid of. How many toys, play areas, play mats, lavatories, in her playgroup setting would benefit from long lasting antimicrobial protection? All areas would benefit from antimicrobial protection.

I have been conducting swab tests in homes, hotels, and businesses for months educating people as to just how clean their surfaces are.

I have seen jaws drop from Glasgow to Portsmouth and alot of places in between.

When people become aware of the biological load density- of living organisms on the surfaces they use and touch everyday- it is useful and compelling.

Example- a swab reading of 30 is food grade clean. On a bar countertop in a swanky hotel I picked up a reading of 3200. Ladies and Gents- this is not a good reading on a public countertop. This was a very yucky reading telling me there was an astronomical amount of living organisms on this surface.

We deploy BioSweep Surface Defense where we infuse our antimicrobial with a surface and the surface assumes antimicrobial properties. It is fascinating technology. www.biosweep.co.uk.

If you have concerns over microbes taking over your surfaces, kitchen countertops, vehicles, lavatories, and so on, please give us a call to see how we can help. 01243 697359.

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