Pins and Needles – An Introduction

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Pins and needles is also known as paraesthesia. It is a burning, prickling or tingling sensation, and it is most usually found in the arms or legs – the extremities.

A friend of mine has bad pins and needles, numbness, and discoloured toes.

That is until he started using Aerowalkers. Within days of using Aerowalkers, his toes were back to a pink colour and he had full feeling in his toes, after years of tingling and pins and needles.

He is a big man, and a type II diabetic, yet is loosing weight through diet, discipline, and regularly using his Aerowalkers to keep his toes pink and to keep Pins and Needles at bay.

There is a video at the Aerowalkers site that shares his words on the effect that Aerowalker have had in reducing and minimising the pins and needles effect that he has suffered with for years.

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Flight Socks vs. Aerowalkers

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Compression hosiery or flight socks for minimising the risk of deep vein thrombosis is a very good solution. They apply pressure and stimulate the lower leg. I’ve used flight socks so I know they are good. I’ve also used Aerowalkers to loosen up my flexion muscles after 5 years of sitting at a PC. Aerowalkers ae helping to increase my stride.

A relative used to wear flight socks everyday at home and at work. In terms of reducing the risk of suffering from DVT – flight socks are very good.

It just so happens that when it comes to minimising the risk of DVT or deep vein thrombosis that Aeroewalkers actually pulsates on the pump vein within the long arch of your foot and flight socks don’t actually do this.

So given the choice of flight socks or Aerowalkers for use during flight- I would opt for using Aerowalkers every time.

You can find other information on DVT and Aerowalkers here.

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How can I get rid of Pins and Needles?

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A large segment of the population suffer from lower limb or circulatory problems.

The number of people that suffer from numbness, discoloured toes, and pins and needles associated with type II diabetes is significant.

Aerowalkers is a low tech product with high value results and benefits. Aerowalkers.

How do Aerowalkers work for pins and needles, numbness, poor circulation, helping improve range of movement issues in arthitics, and aiding with the healing process of lower limb problems?

There is a tiny squiggly vein called the pump vein, with the long arch instep of our feet. By using a novel way of controlling air flow, Aerowalkers is able to gently put pressure on the pump vein in a pulsing motion. As you rock your feet back and forth, it pushes air into the active strap. This air pressure in the Aerowalkers active strap- applies pressure to the pump vein- like a gentle massage.

This helps to disperse fluids, and ultimately helps to get blood back to the heart to be reoxygenated.

Aerowalkers may be a simple self prescribed foot exerciser- but the benefits are becoming clearer to the thousands of people that currently use their Aerowalkers to improve, maintain, and sustain vitality and improved mobility.

Mobility has a direct bearing on a person’s quality of life, and this is what Aerowalkers is all about- Improving quality of life, by improving mobility.

If you know someone with lower limb health problems- please let them know about Aerowalkers as it may make a marked difference in their day to day activities and quality of life.

Aerowalkers – reduce pins and needles effect, aid good circulation, limber up arthritic joints, tone the lower legs, minimise the risk of DVT- and importantly gain some comfort and relief.


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We’ve been supplying Aerowalkers for a few months now to alot of people in the UK.

Many of which have sent us messages on the relief and comfort they have gained from using their Aerowalkers.

For people who suffer from lower limb problems that are muscle or circulatory related, Aerowalkers do help many of the people that use them.

People with arthritis, range of movement issues, swelling or oedema, pins and needles, numbness, discoloured toes, and even people with lower limb injuries that are trying to speed their recovery, benefit from Aerowalkers.

In the backdrop we are making some improvements to Aerowalkers- and will share details as we are able to do so.   These changes will be useful.

So if you or someone you know has lower limb problems – at least point them in the direction of www.aerowalkers.com so they can have a look and decide if trying them is something they want to do.

To your health……..

Milton Keynes Show

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Persistence –

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Let me tell you about my friend and business partner John. John is an octogenarian that cuts a path in his avocation that puts men half his age to shame.

He is ‘at it’ from before dawn, until long after sunset each day.  He develops new products that are primarily health related- or said better- designed to improve a person’s quality of life.

John pioneered vacuum controlled seating for patients and MS sufferers in the 1980’s.  He participated in the Formula 1 Driver’s cocoon design that keeps drivers safe when they hit the wall at 200 mph.

He spent a few years working on Aerowalkers before he and I were introduced by a mutual acquaintence.  We’re 3 years on next month- and started selling product 2 months ago.

So with the 3 years before I got involved and the almost three years since- alot of water and some dashed hopes have flowed under the proverbial bridge.  6 years to get a product fine tuned and to market and all the patent work done and granted? Seems a short lifetime.

How many people start a project of significant proportion and actually have the staying power or power of persistence to see it through to a stage whereby it bears fruits as a result of bringing value to those who use it?

The anwer:  very few.  Most people aren’t able to stay the course of progress- yet with unrelenting conviction a special few- stay the course because they understand the value of the entire progression.

Most folks want ‘it’ overnight.  If you look at an overnight success, you will find anywhere up to a decade or more of work, toil, and applied effort- that enabled them to become an overnight success.  If you do the prep work, plant the seeds, drive the miles and press the flesh- you might just make it.

Be one of those special folks that’sticks with it’.

Want to be walking when you are 75?

Want to be walking when you are 75?


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