Just how do I get rid of smells from cigarette smoking in my house?

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Well, personally I would never smoke indoors in the first place.

Yet many of us have seen the stained walls and furnishings in houses of smokers. We’ve all smelled the lingering smells that short and long term smoking leave behind.

While a good scrub is helpful in trying to eradicate house smoke smells; scrubbing alone isn’t enough.

The molecules from the smoke or residual smoke are what we actually smell, and these can get trapped in the tar released by cigarettes, as well as infuse with furnishings.

These molecules travel through the cilia in our noses, and meet olfactory nueron receptors. The receptors travel along the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb – and this is what communicates with our brains and tells us – just how something smells. We can all distinguish about 10,000 odours.

Molecules from smoke or residual smoke can really make a house or dwelling smell foul.

I would recommend high performance air and surface decontamination for the total eradication of malodours from smoking.

My experience is that of both smoking, and also specialising in high performance air and surface decontamination to get rid of any kind of malodour.

We use BioSweep, a 5 stage process which uses photo catalytic oxidation to remove and eradicate malodours, bacteria, viruses, pathogens, voc’s, mould and fungi. www.biosweep.co.uk

The results we achieve in actually removing all kinds of yuck from indoor air and surfaces- is uncanny- and something we are proud of.

So if you have malodours and stink from cigarette smoke in your house, dwelling, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, offices, or any other indoor space- we can improve the air quality. We can do so safely, in an enviromentally friendly manner, and it can be done quickly.

www.biosweep.co.uk 01243 697359 based in Hampshire UK.

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