Costa Coffee and the Big Issue -

Posted by admin on Jan 4, 2009 in Stuff

Recently I was in the precinct waiting on my wife.

There was a heavyset girl in her 20’s sitting on her satchel bag with a stack of Big Issue magazines in her left hand and a Costa Coffee snack in her right hand and on her lap.

It was a cold day, yet in between munches on her brownie she managed to gently, gently shout Big Issue to the passers-by.  It was in a accent that wasn’t from these parts and was a challenge to distinguish. I can tell a Geordie from a Brummy from a Liverpuddlian.

A handful of Big Issues and a Costa Coffee brownie and Primo Latte- man she eats better than I do. :-)

Here was a gal selling the magazine produced by and sold by the homeless- and she was doing it – without supervision; manning her work station with enthusiasm and provisions. She didn’t want for anything.

She warmed my spirit. I think she showed considerable depth of character, and warmth as she did her ‘job’ for little wage.

There is a lesson in here somewhere.

Do you or I warm the spirit of others?

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