A Prediction –

Posted by admin on Jan 9, 2009 in Stuff

I am no fortune teller and I don’t read tea leaves.

However I have had a thought that may be close to accurate.  Time will tell.

Israel invaded Gaza 14 days ago today.

The UN, Egypt, the UK and others cannot broker a deal for a cease fire- and all the while the US hasn’t said boo to a goose- they have kept their mouths shut.

Okay- so within a week or so of the inauguration- I bet the US new President brokers a deal, a cease fire takes place, and Israel pulls out of Gaza.

Think about the timing of this, and the effect a brokered peace deal in the Middle East will have on the new President and his credibility, and the world opinion of this new President.

Like it or not- this is sometimes how life and politics works.

We shall see- so bookmark this page for the post inauguration update.

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