Chasing a Rabbit?

Posted by admin on Feb 20, 2010 in Stuff

I subscribe to a useful time and goal management program.

Yesterday I received an email from these folks, and it was quite a short story.

A Zen Master and his student were watching a
fox chase a rabbit.

The Zen Master said, “who will win?”

The student replied, “Master, of course the fox
will win, he is much faster than the rabbit and has
sharp teeth.”

“No” replied the master. “The rabbit will win.

The fox is running for a meal. The rabbit is running
for his life.”

What are we doing?

Are we running for a meal, or running for our life?

Success isn’t defined by your bank account or the car you drive, but rather by the obstacles you have overcome to arrive where you currently find yourself.

Show me a person with no obstacles to overcome and I will show you a dead person.

With wealth comes responsibility and stewardship. The challenges of life and commerce grow proportionately to ‘where you are’.

So back to the rabbit.

I imagine it is true that to move through obstacles requires momentum. It means we are moving. It means we are doing.

It’s kind of hard to deal with lifes challenges while flicking the remote control or re-setting the games console.

Taking time to periodically reflect is time well spent. Time spent taking little baby steps forward each day is time well invested in your success.

Taking baby steps each day adds up to progress and big steps forward.

Run like the rabbit.

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